Sunday, November 14, 2010


Shutterfly is doing a promotion where you can receive 50 free Christmas cards just for doing a few things!

I know I posted previously that I was considering not doing Christmas cards this year because of the cost of stamps. It was never really about the cost of cards. I have some from last year as well as some I got from the sample sale at work. None are photo cards, but that didn't stop me last year. I was pregnant last year and wasn't about to send my pregnant belly out to God and everyone. But, photo cards are my favorite and I have a new baby to show off. I like to get Christmas cards as much as the next person, but my favorites are photo cards. I have several friends who live back in Illinois and it's so fun to see how their family is growing. I keep photo cards, too, so I have pictures of my friends, their pets, families, children, etc from over the years. I'm kind of sentimental like that. I actually have a box full of cards from my husband over the years and from my oldest friend, Kelli. I think I have cards from 9th grade.

I remember I worked with a lady who, after getting married, had a photo book made from shutterfly. It was beautiful. Since scrapbooking has been on the rise, and people are printing more photos, it's nice to have options on where to get them printed so it isn't the same old Walmart (not that there's anything wrong with Walmart).

Anyways, if you're a blogger reading this, you can get in on their 50 free cards by going here. If you're just a normal person looking for a fun place to get some Christmas cards, you can go HERE. They also have really cute Christmas story cards if you want to say more HERE. Finally, if you don't celebrate Christmas or any other holiday and want to make a cool calendar, which someone made for me once and I loooooved, you can go HERE.

Anyways, friends, it's Sunday and I have a laundry list of things to accomplish today so I better get to it.

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