Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 03: A close-up of my day.

Close up of my day times 4! The top right is Ryan sleeping as seen on our video monitor. Top right is my desk at work at lunchtime. Bottom left is my cup of coffee this morning as I got ready and the bottom right is my keyboard at work. Yes, that's a container of honey. Roundrock honey to be more specific!

I am one tired mommy today. Long day at work and since my sweet husband is at a work function tonight, I was alone with the kiddo. I don't spend much time with Ryan alone. Sadly, I only see him for a few hours a day, so Paul and I typically share that time. Tonight it was solo mommy time. Ryan and I ate some pumpkin apple baby food (well, he did. I just fed him). After that, he ate about 6 oz of formula and then I gave him a bath. Following his bath, he walked around in his walker while I cleaned the kitchen. After half an hour of walker time, we had some tummy time and Ryan scooted himself all over the place! He was ready for bed at that point and was sleeping like an angel by 6:45. So I cooked dinner and now I'm watching some Mad Men waiting on my dear husband to come home!

Up next: A Fabulous Friend

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