Saturday, July 23, 2011

I probably shouldn't be sitting around

One of my best girlfriends and my maid of honor, Laura, descends on Dallas today at approximately 11:47 AM. I cannot wait. I haven't seen her since November when I went up to Chicago (you remember...we got robbed) and the the last Harry Potter part 1 movie was released.

Laura and I didn't start out as friends. We actually met online on the same messageboard that I met my husband on. Apparently that's where I meet all my husbands and/or best friends. Anyways, she helped me immensely when I bit the bullet and packed my bags to move to Illinois and she was there for me when things weren't going as I'd hoped. She even helped get me a job. And she was there for me when I quit that job. Our friendship has evolved over the years into an easy, comfortable one that just...fits. It's like sliding into a comfortable pair of jeans that fits just right and looks good too. I am so excited to see her.

She came to visit around this time last year, and Ryan was only about 2.5 months old. Now she'll get to meet my rambunctious toddler. We have some fun things planned for the weekend - Mexican food and Harry Potter Part 2 tonight, breakfast then swimming and grilling tomorrow, and shopping and lunch on Monday, which means no work for me.

I sent Paul and Ryan to Toys/Babies R Us to get more babyproofing things. You might THINK your house is baby proofed. But it's not. It never is. So I probably shouldn't be sitting around. I need to finish up some stuff around here and make myself presentable. And I don't have much time.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, good news!

I got the job! Finally, after nearly a month of waiting, I got the news today that they want MEEE! I'm excited and proud and nervous and happy.

Seriously, though, this particular position is one I've had my eye on for about two years. I'm so glad that I'm going to be doing something I love and working with someone who has been such a great mentor to me over the years. Aside from all that awesomeness, it pays significantly more than what I make now, plus higher bonus, plus I get to work from home!

It's going to be a slow transition from what I'm doing now to the new role.

Anyways, we have a lot of other things going on. Between doctors and dentists and new jobs, etc, we are also remodeling our game room/family room. We, of course, procrastinated and now are in a time crunch. My good friend Laura is coming to visit and currently, the guest room is packed with all the game room stuff. So we've been working frantically each night priming and painting and laying down floor. We're nearly done and have until next Saturday to get everything back where it belongs. The walls are no longer blood red (I wish I were kidding), and the floors aren't just cement anymore, although, still only halfway covered with the new stuff. It's amazing what a little hard work gets you.

I'll try to remember to post before and after pictures.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Murphy's Law

Whatever can go wrong WILL go wrong.

That is the case today for me.

As I previously mentioned, I am trying to get promoted at work. I've applied for this position and have had the first round of interviews. I (im)patiently waited. And waited. Finally, my second interview was scheduled.

It was today at 3 PM. Oh wait, except it wasn't. It was today at 2 PM. I walked into the office of the person I was supposed to interview with (a VP) only to be informed that I was an hour (!!!!) late. Oh, I was mad. I get extremely anxious about interviews. I get an upset stomach and heart palpitations. I just have really high anxiety about those things. So when I was late (the VP didn't really care why), I kind of freaked out. Everything got all worked out and I was scheduled for 4:00.

I had to call my mom and ask her to keep Ryan a bit longer. Thankfully, she had canceled her plans for the evening and could keep him. I arranged to have Paul pick Ryan up. At 4:00, the Interviewer was still meeting with another candidate. His admin needed a quick minute (around 4:05) and then he got on a call. I was still waiting at 4:35. I wasn't sure how long I should wait. I'm glad he came out when he did.

Anyways, I am relieved to have the second interview over with. I believe it went well. Now, we wait some more. Hopefully they'll make a decision within the next week.

On one hand, I feel really good about my chances. On the other, I'm almost positive they won't pick me. I feel like I've done my best, though. I guess that's all I can do.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I love naptime. One of the upcoming milestones for Ryan's age group is that he'll transition from two naps a day to just one nap a day. While I'm glad he's growing up, I don't know what I'm going to do when we only have one nap a day.

Right now, a typical day for us is wake around 6 AM, nap from 10ish to 11:00-11:3oish. Then lunch around 12, nap again around 3 to 4 and bed at 7. I'm expecting that in the next couple of months his nap will be from 11 to 1 and then we'll have all day to make trouble.

I'm going to miss two naps. Just during this morning nap, I've made a shepherd's pie for dinner later, done two loads of laundry and browsed the internet (and updated this blog). It's going to be hard to give that up. Someday, he won't take a nap at all. *sigh*

Anyways, Happy 4th of July, Americans! We're celebrating today by grilling out with the family and swimming. Hope you all have a super fun day!