Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, good news!

I got the job! Finally, after nearly a month of waiting, I got the news today that they want MEEE! I'm excited and proud and nervous and happy.

Seriously, though, this particular position is one I've had my eye on for about two years. I'm so glad that I'm going to be doing something I love and working with someone who has been such a great mentor to me over the years. Aside from all that awesomeness, it pays significantly more than what I make now, plus higher bonus, plus I get to work from home!

It's going to be a slow transition from what I'm doing now to the new role.

Anyways, we have a lot of other things going on. Between doctors and dentists and new jobs, etc, we are also remodeling our game room/family room. We, of course, procrastinated and now are in a time crunch. My good friend Laura is coming to visit and currently, the guest room is packed with all the game room stuff. So we've been working frantically each night priming and painting and laying down floor. We're nearly done and have until next Saturday to get everything back where it belongs. The walls are no longer blood red (I wish I were kidding), and the floors aren't just cement anymore, although, still only halfway covered with the new stuff. It's amazing what a little hard work gets you.

I'll try to remember to post before and after pictures.

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