Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I very often try to remind myself that I don't have problems in life. Because I don't. Sure, there are things in my life that I'd change. I wish we had the money for a bigger house or to put Ryan in swim lessons AND Little Gym AND preschool, but they aren't problems that can't be fixed without saving a bit of money or simply with time.

I have two friends who are on the brink of homelessness. One is a mom to a sweet girl Ryan's age whose husband copes with mental illness. She's one of the strongest people I know. The other is also a mom and has given up the life she built for herself to change her life in hopes of it being better for everyone. Both are strong women who have weathered many storms. Homelessness - that's a REAL problem.

I'm currently reading not one, but TWO blogs (here and here) that are about BABIES having brain tumors. One is right here in Dallas. THOSE are real problems.

I sit here in my air conditioned home, belly full of wild rice and meatloaf, and my biggest problem is that I have to wash my hair two nights in a row (with hot water and shampoo, no less) because I'm meeting a friend to have dinner tomorrow and I don't like to wash my hair two days in a row. I have First World Problems. My other biggest problem is that I have to wait to find out if I get a big promotion at work (yep - stillllllll waiting on that) and I still have to go to work in my nice office and do my job day to day.

I want to help them. I don't know how.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My company instituted a new benefit for the summer that allows us to leave at 1 PM on Fridays unless we're just too busy. I've been able to take advantage of this benefit for the last three weeks. The first Friday, I went and got my hair done. Which I probably failed to mention previously. I got some awesome super blonde highlights and I'm loving them. This past Friday and the one before, I went swimming with my mom and Ryan. I really love being able to spend a bit more time with him. He's starting to transition to one nap slowly and he only took one on Friday. Around 4:45, he became really sleepy, so I scooped him up and took him to his darkened, quiet room where I rocked him for 40 minutes or so. He never went to sleep and just let me rock him while he studied my face, poked my nose, and sang to me.

It's times like that that I really envy stay at home moms. Those moments were what I pictured when I was pregnant.

Then there are days like today when, at 6:59 (bedtime is at 7), I'm putting him to bed and sighing a sigh of exhaustion and wondering how those moms don't go crazy. Or get driven to drink, doing it day in and day out all by themselves. He's a toddler and a handful.

Oh yeah, something awesome happened today:
We filled up Ryan's little pool and plugged in his sprinkler ball thing in the backyard. We all played outside for awhile and then I headed in for a few minutes of peace. About 15 minutes later, Paul brings Ryan in. Now, I have a keen nose and could smell that something was not right. Ryan was wearing a swim diaper, which need to be torn off. They don't have flaps so they pull up like regular underwear. So, we have one soaking wet toddler with a swim diaper full of poop. We laid him down and I started tearing his diaper off. Paul was in an unfortunate position and ended up getting poop splattered...INTO HIS MOUTH. Oh, it was priceless. I couldn't continue getting the diaper off because I was laughing hysterically. Literally, paralyzed with laughter. After that, we stuck him in the tub. But poop in the mouth?! priceless.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Job Front

I mentioned in my last post that I was crossing my fingers and keeping my mouth shut. Well, I'm still keeping it shut - mostly.

Recently, a position has opened up at work. It's a really great opportunity for me and would be a big step up in the world at Large Retailer. It was not really publicized that this position is open. Typically, if the powers that be don't have a particular person in mind, the opening is announced in a casual way and people are encouraged to apply. I happen to know about this opening because of my awesome seating location that allows me to overhear conversations.

I applied for the position and am now awaiting my first interview.

I really, really, really, really want this. This is the area of Large Retailer that I've wanted to work in since I started and tried to map out a plan for my future. And to make things more awesome, it just so happens that this position would be reporting to the person who has kind of taken me under her wing and been my mentor for the last 3 years. So I know I would have amazing support.

It's a big step. It comes with a fancy raise and double bonus potential. It would allow me to work from home. It would give me good exposure. It would advance my career overall and make me a better HR Professional. I could go on. I don't see the downside to this position. It would be more work, but I'm excited about that. I'm excited about being excited about my job!

So...KMFX. I'll keep updating as I get further along in the process.

Monday, June 13, 2011

In time..

*crosses fingers*

I hope that in good time, the things I want work-wise come my way.

I'm desperately trying not to get excited about anything but it sure is hard sometimes.

Anyway. For now, I just need to wait and keep my mouth shut.

Things have been going really well for us. Ryan had a little cold the tail end of last week but he's all better now. He's done remarkably well going off of formula and bottles. The first few nights bottle free were confusing for him but now, even if he's not quite ready to go to sleep, he plays quietly in his crib for 5 or 10 minutes before finally settling down and going to sleep. I really think we're just lucky that we got such a great sleeper.

Eating is a different story. That kid is a little bird...pecking here and there, but never really eating a ton. I suppose he's getting all he wants, but it makes me nervous. He's getting taller and now, when he reaches up, I can count his little ribs. He's getting plenty to eat and tells us when he's done, so I guess he's okay. I just wish he'd eat some damn veggies.

In other news...we've decided to finally tackle the mess that is our 2nd living room/gameroom/man cave. It's actually a garage that's been converted to a living area. I think the previous owners used it as a media room. When we moved in, the room had wall to wall cream colored carpet and bright red walls complete with movie theatre uplighting on the walls. We used that room quite a bit up until Ryan was born. Sometime between the time we moved in and the time Ryan was born, we thought it would be a great idea to stain the concrete. You see, my mom and Diane have several rooms with stained concrete in their home and it looks great. Ours....not so much. When Ryan was born, he absolutely hated being in that room. So we moved into our formal living room and there we've stayed.

Now we're taking it back and shelling out the cash to put down new flooring, paint, new window treatments and lighting, as well as hopefully...some new furniture. I think we've finally picked the floor out and now just need to decide on a paint color. I'll have to post before and after pictures once it's all done - which probably won't be anytime in the next month, unfortunately.

Either way - hopefully lots of good things coming our way.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Am I the Creepy Lady Down The Street - Part 2

How sad is it that I'm asking myself this question yet again? If you don't remember, you can read the original creepy lady post here.

I never did hear from them after dropping that card in their mailbox. I've seen them around but I don't get the impression that my neighborhood in general is really "neighborly" so there's no waving to each other or anything. On Thursday while doing the daily drive by the mail box to pick up my mail (we park in the back), I saw New Mom walking to her mailbox with her baby and made a decision then that I was going to park my car, go into my house, change clothes, and march over there and introduce myself.

Maybe the mailman stole my card. Maybe someone else checked their mail for them and they never saw it. Maybe they thought it was weird and wrote it off as some crazy lady down the street going off her rocker. Anyways, I decided enough was enough and I was going to make her be my friend hell or high water. So I parked, came inside, changed into capris and a shirt, popped Ryan on my hip and walked over there.

I'm not sure what prompted me to just do it and even as I was walking up the path to their front door I was nervous. I rang the bell and the husband answered the door. Now, I can't recall exactly what was said but it was something along the lines of, "Hi" *awkward smile* "My name is Sam. I live just across the way. I have a baby too!"

Nah, it wasn't that bad. It was a 5 minute conversation that I can't remember. I know she teaches kindergarten and their baby's name is Sophia. I doubt I'll ever hear from them again, but hey, I did it. And I really don't think I looked TOO crazy.

Today was my best friend Kelli's son's birthday party. He turned 1. She had a super fun beach themed birthday party for him. I really admire her decorating skills. From the sidewalk chalk pointing to the direction of the beach to the cupcakes with "sand" on them to the slip n slide, it was very cute and everyone had a great time. I have another 1st birthday party to go to in a couple of weeks. As much fun as they are, they sure are exhausting!