Saturday, June 25, 2011

My company instituted a new benefit for the summer that allows us to leave at 1 PM on Fridays unless we're just too busy. I've been able to take advantage of this benefit for the last three weeks. The first Friday, I went and got my hair done. Which I probably failed to mention previously. I got some awesome super blonde highlights and I'm loving them. This past Friday and the one before, I went swimming with my mom and Ryan. I really love being able to spend a bit more time with him. He's starting to transition to one nap slowly and he only took one on Friday. Around 4:45, he became really sleepy, so I scooped him up and took him to his darkened, quiet room where I rocked him for 40 minutes or so. He never went to sleep and just let me rock him while he studied my face, poked my nose, and sang to me.

It's times like that that I really envy stay at home moms. Those moments were what I pictured when I was pregnant.

Then there are days like today when, at 6:59 (bedtime is at 7), I'm putting him to bed and sighing a sigh of exhaustion and wondering how those moms don't go crazy. Or get driven to drink, doing it day in and day out all by themselves. He's a toddler and a handful.

Oh yeah, something awesome happened today:
We filled up Ryan's little pool and plugged in his sprinkler ball thing in the backyard. We all played outside for awhile and then I headed in for a few minutes of peace. About 15 minutes later, Paul brings Ryan in. Now, I have a keen nose and could smell that something was not right. Ryan was wearing a swim diaper, which need to be torn off. They don't have flaps so they pull up like regular underwear. So, we have one soaking wet toddler with a swim diaper full of poop. We laid him down and I started tearing his diaper off. Paul was in an unfortunate position and ended up getting poop splattered...INTO HIS MOUTH. Oh, it was priceless. I couldn't continue getting the diaper off because I was laughing hysterically. Literally, paralyzed with laughter. After that, we stuck him in the tub. But poop in the mouth?! priceless.

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