Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Places, New Faces

One of the hard parts about being a mom is finding other mom friends. Because it you're like me, you only have one friend in real life who has a baby and said friend lives kind of far away. And you don't want to become THAT friend who can only talk to her other babyless friends about her kid.

That's where the internet comes in! I had the pleasure of meeting some of my online friends today at a park in Coppell. All of these women have babies that are close to Ryan's age. Ryan is the oldest baby, but not by much. Although we don't have a ton in common otherwise, there were a few things. We were kind of split down the middle. Two SAHMs, two working moms. Two boys and two girls. Two FTMs and two moms with older kids who were the same age. It was fun and the park was nice. October in Texas is pleasant. Here's a picture of all the babies.

This weekend has been a busy one. Before my Lammytown park meetup, I went to visit a friend (Lindsay) from work and her 11 day old baby, Isabella. I'd forgotten what it's like to have a baby that small. Ryan was that small once and it just doesn't seem possible that he was ever that tiny! We had a nice talk and I am very much looking forward to when she returns to work.

So Ryan and I were gone a lot today and he did great! He slept on the way to Lindsay's and then on the way home and continued to nap in his crib while I ran out for gas and ate a sandwich. Then he was just quiet and happy on the way to the park. On the way home from the park, however, it was bad. Oh, was it bad. I've NEVER heard him make those kinds of sounds, so I had to pull over about a mile from our house and sit in the front seat with him and calm him down. I'm bad mommy...the sun was in his eyes the whole way home and he was hungry. I stupidly only packed one bottle. So we got home and Paul took over. My S.I. joint is screaming in protest because I held Ryan for much of the day. So I'm relaxing on the couch watching the Rangers post game with Paul now. Ryan's sacked out from all the excitement today and I'm hoping will not wake up playing at 5 AM.

We ordered Alfredo's for dinner and it just got here, so I'm going to enjoy my lasagna and watch the Phillies game. I'm cheering for the Giants.

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