Thursday, October 21, 2010


I think I mentioned awhile back that I had rented some carriers from Pax Baby. I am not really a crunchy mama but have always been interested in babywearing. I actually bought a ring sling before Ryan was born but never figured out how to get the stupid thing on, despite watching countless videos on youtube. For me, it seemed like a structured carrier was so much easier. The problem with structured carriers is that you can't buy a decent one anywhere except online. You can buy a Baby Bjorn or Snugli or an Infantino carrier, but according to babywearin' mamas everywhere, those are "crotch danglers" and aren't good for the baby.

So...if you want to babywear and use something other than a sling, you need to be prepared to shell out anywhere from $85 to $150 for a good one that will last forever.

Anyways, I got the Boba Organic in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Pax Baby lets you rent a carrier for two weeks for $9. A great option if you're new to babywearing and want to try one out before committing. It's brown and comes with stirrups for taller babies to rest their little legs and a hood incase it's raining.

Things I liked:
  • It's organic and made from Texas cotton and made in the good ol' US of A.
  • It's extremely comfortable.
  • Easy to put on - snaps around your waist and across your back or chest depending on if you're wearing the baby in the front or back.
  • Designed so that baby isn't dangling
  • Able to be used by multiple people of varying sizes without a lot of work
Things I didn't like:
  • While the Boba is designed for babies 15 lbs and up, it's still a very big carrier. Ryan weighs nearly 20 lbs so I didn't think it would be a problem. Unless you have a very tall baby, 15 lbs is still too small for this carrier, in my opinion.
  • Probably due to the above, Ryan's head did not come all the way out, his mouth was in line with the top of the carrier.
  • Ryan just plain didn't like it. I tried it with him in front and in back and he cried both times.
  • You can't forward face with the Boba.
Overall, it's a great carrier. Just not great for MY family. Ryan hated not being able to see (facing in and on my back or facing in and on my front) and I also think he might have been a little bit hot. Coupled with the fact that he's a bit small for it, I don't think it's the one for us.

You can read about the Boba here. We should be receiving the Beco Gemini any day now and I have high hopes for it. Looking forward to reviewing it after we get to try it out!

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