Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have a lot of strong opinions on breast feeding. I never for one second thought I would be a formula feeding mama. I figured everything would happen as it should and live would be great. Fast forward to actually HAVING the baby and everything changes.

I think breastfeeding is great. I think it's healthiest for the baby. I think it's a great thing if you want to/are able to do it. I do not like the breastfeeding crazies, though. I read on a babycenter message board recently that a mom has taught her kids to say "yuck" and make yucky faces when they go down the formula/disposable diapers aisle. I think that's just awful. Formula is a good alternative to breastmilk and it's just so sad that women are put down constantly for their need or choice to use formula and not breastfeed.

Also, what's with all the women who are still breastfeeding their 2 year olds? I'm sorry, but that is WEIRD. It's WEIRD that your kid has teeth and can come up to you and pull your shirt down for a quick drink while at the park. It's not a water fountain! I also find it bizarre that many breastfed kids need to nurse to fall asleep. I'm not talking about getting breastmilk from a bottle. I'm talking about kids who are on pure boob, no bottle. And must suck on boob to fall asleep. At what point DON'T they need to nurse to fall asleep? Ryan never gets a bottle at bedtime. His last bottle is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before he goes to bed. I mean, at what point should mamas stop nursing? I personally think 1 year is good. Babies can't go on whole milk until 1 year, so obviously it would either be breastmilk or formula along with solids. I just think that once it isn't the main source of nutrition, it's time to quit. Maybe I'm biased because we are a formula feeding family. I don't know that I'll even give breastfeeding a try next time around.

End rant. And yes, I am extremely judgmental.

We took Ryan to the farmer's market this morning. It's finally fall and we all wore long sleeves. We had a great time. I'm so sad that the farmer's market isn't year round. I love going and getting our organic and locally grown produce, breads, pasta, etc. We got a lot of great stuff this time! Chicken tamales, tortilla chips, flour tortillas, summer squash, apples, yams, spicy sausages, block cheese, and greek yogurt. I had a wonderful almond croissant while Paul had pain au chocolate (as he is allergic to almonds). We strolled and browsed and admired our fellow families with babies and dogs.

I am starting my adventure in homemade baby food. Ryan has been eating either Gerber Organic or Earth's Best solids. He's tried carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas. We picked up some apples, squash, and yams to make him some homemade (and organic, AND locally grown!) baby food. The sweet potatoes are cooling now waiting for me to puree them and the apples are simmering away on the stove with a touch of vanilla extract added. It smells wonderful.

I also wanted to try out babywearing. My mom so graciously made me a faux sleepywrap that I never could figure out how to use and I didn't like the ring sling I had either. I bought an Infantino carrier, and it works okay, but I know it isn't what's best for Ryan and for both of our comfort levels. I found this website, PaxBaby. They have a carrier/sling rental program so you can find what you like before committing to such a large purchase. I rented the Beco Gemini and Boba Baby Carrier 2G to try out. I also thought about the Olives & Applesauce but decided two would be a good start. I really want to have something easy and comfortable for our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago. And something that both Paul and I can wear, as well as my mom, because those suckers aren't cheap! I plan on reviewing them both. Hopefully they'll arrive this week and I can make my decision with enough time to get one in before Thanksgiving.

Well, I'm going to puree those sweet potatoes now. We'll see how it all turns out!

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