Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby's Weekend Out

Ryan is gone for the weekend. He's spending the weekend with my mom and Diane a couple of hours away at Rainbow Ranch. They have a nice camper they keep there and he'll stay with them tonight, tomorrow, and will return home Sunday.

I was elated when my mom said they were leaving tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I thought of all the things I wanted to do this weekend that were easier to do sans baby. Like sleep past 6 AM. Which is the real reason I was so excited my mom was taking him tonight. It prevented the inevitable "Who has to get up early with him" discussion between my husband and I.

But now that he's gone, I have a little lump in my throat and I'm sad that he's not just in the other room snoozing. I know he is safe. I know he will not be unhappy. I know he will be well cared for. But I miss him. I spent 10 extra minutes rocking him after he had fallen asleep last night just because I wanted to SEE him. I only get a couple hours a day with him before he goes to bed and I miss him. I insisted on rocking him again tonight because I knew it would be the last time for a couple of days. It will be less than 48 hours that I won't see him, which isn't THAT long, and I still rocked him long after he was asleep. I miss him. I love him. I wish I got more time with him.

I'm switching gears now before I call my mom in a panic and demand that she bring him home right away even though she's only been gone half an hour. Here are the things I am looking forward to this weekend:
  • Sleeping past 6 AM - 6 AM is an awesome wake up time during the week. Ryan wakes around 6, eats a bottle, and we're out the door by 6:40. Unfortunately, babies don't recognize the difference between weekdays and weekends. I am dreading daylight savings.
  • Drinking alcohol and watching baseball - Now, I could do this (and have done this) with Ryan present, but the Texas Rangers have the potential to sweep the 1st round of the playoffs tomorrow, so I'm drinking a big beer. Maybe two! And I'm making Paul drive us home.
  • Meeting my internet friend, Kim. Meeting people from the internet has proved to be a good thing for me. I am excited to meet Kim.
  • Shopping - hard to do with a baby. Easy to do with a Christmas checking account full of money!
  • Staying up late - I am typically in bed by 9:00. I am excited to stay up and watch as much Netflix as my eyes can handle!
My husband is making me a nice bowl of Kraft macaroni & cheese and we're watching the Phillies game. I'm going to try and not think about my little one and enjoy my quality time with my husband, which is long overdue.

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theFarschside said...

You're going to have a great weekend and recharge you batteries

Beer is essential for that

Go Rangers!