Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

This has been a great weekend. This weekend marked the beginning of the spring consignment sale season. I love consignment sales. I am able to get tons of stuff for cheap, and that's just the way I like it.

I didn't have plans for Saturday until my friend Kelli was able to score me a pass to the pre-sale of the Divine Consign event in Grapevine. She got me a pass to the 5:00 sale, which was perfect. Ryan was having an exceptionally good day. He slept until 8 AM and then napped from 10:50 to 1:10. Not sure what's up with his excessive sleeping lately, but I'll take it! Kelli and I decided to have dinner afterwards and so I brought Paul and Ryan along for the fun. I got some great things at the pre-sale. I had already planned to meet up with another friend, Kim, on Sunday for consignment shopping, so I took it easy on the pre-sale. I got an awesome baby gate for $25. We have an open floorplan at our house, so I needed more than your standard gate. I was so excited to find one that was customizable up to 12 feet! That was a great find. I also got my mom some barn play yard thing. She was able to see that's made by Today's Kids, but despite googling, I can't find info on it anywhere. I picked up a few outfits, but that was it for the pre-sale.

Afterwards, we met up with her husband and their son, Aiden at Red Robin for dinner. The boys were remarkably well behaved for two 9 month olds getting close to bedtime in a busy restaurant. Aiden is so laid back. Ryan just wants to go everywhere, so sitting in a high chair isn't super fun for him. We had a great time.

Today is a magical day. Today is Eligible For An Upgrade On My Iphone Day. I met Kim this morning at the Consignment Sale at 10. The hour we spent in line waiting for the opening flew by. I talk to her pretty much everyday but we don't get to hang out often at all because she lives outside of the metroplex. I got a few more outfits, 5 pair of shoes, and a big toy for Ryan. I bought it on a whim and he LOOOVES it. It's the Fisher Price Learning Home. Listed on Amazon right now for $128.99 and I paid $20. Sweet! Ryan loves it. It was a good purchase. After the consignment sale, I headed home and got home just in time to check the mail and find Paul's Southwest credit card approval in there. So we've got 2 more free flights! We have decided to gift those two to my mom and Diane for Paul's sister's wedding in November. It's the least we can do for everything they do for us.

After getting that good news, we dropped a very happy baby off at my dad's for a few hours and went to get my new iphone. Which I love! We picked Ryan up at 3, brought him home, gave him a bottle, and he went right to sleep and slept for quite some time again. I'm just now settling in after finishing my dinner and getting things ready for tomorrow.

This has been a good weekend.

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