Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have typically been updating on Fridays with my weight loss for the week. I slacked this week, I know. I didn't lose weight. Didn't gain weight. End of story, the end. We'll see what this Friday's weigh in brings.

In other news, work is busier than ever and we're going to be reaching peak busy-ness sometime within the next 2 or 3 weeks. It's exciting and draining. I also finally finished Under The Dome by Stephen King. I started it when I was in my last month of pregnancy and can remember taking the giant book with me to the hospital, foolishly thinking that I'd have plenty of time to read. Man, I was stupid. I had to return the book to the library shortly after Ryan was born and never got more than 100 pages into it. I really enjoyed it. I read a lot of Stephen King in high school, influenced by my friend Justin, who was an avid reader. Even years after we parted ways, we'd touch base via email and discuss our latest reads. Anyways, it was really good. Finished it today and am contemplating what my next read will be.

A couple of weeks ago, I read The Help, which I also loved. I passed it onto my mom who is passing it onto her employee. We both loved it.

Things at home are great. We had a snow day today. Which in North Texas happens like, once a year. So I got to be a stay at home mom today. Let me say - while I LOVE spending time with Ryan...he is exhausting. And my job at work, while challenging, is way easier than taking care of an almost 9 month old baby all day. I'm betting tomorrow will be another snow day, as it's like 15 outside and no sign of the ice melting. So I'm in for another day of being a stay at home mom tomorrow too. I only hope my husband can stay home tomorrow as well. I don't get women who do this day in and day out all by themselves.

Looking back, taking care of a newborn was way easier. People told me that would be the case, but having a baby and being so wrapped up in learning what to do, it seemed impossible that anything could get harder than that. Now, I understand Ryan's needs a hell of a lot better, but he is everywhere and into everything. I cannot imagine how exhausted I'd be if I stayed home. I realize that some people believe that being a stay at home mom is what's best, but I disagree.

I think it's so important to maintain your own identity - separate from being a mother, separate from being a wife or significant other. Work is part of who I am as a person and while it isn't all of who I am, it's what I've always done and want to continue doing. Of course, I think my way is best. I think I know better than everyone and yeah, I do kind of judge women who decide to stay home after having a baby. Sex and The City said it best (Season 6, Episode 9: A Woman's Right to Shoes, "It's like she had two cesareans and a lobotomy". Is that what is meant to become of us? We just morph into these housekeeping, lactating things that chase after children all day? What comes next? What do you do once they're done being raised?

Even though I'm 99% sure that tomorrow will be another snow day, I better go get stuff ready incase it isn't.

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