Sunday, September 5, 2010

What am I doing?

I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. It's kind of funny, kind of frustrating. For example: Ryan is getting a bit big for his infant carseat. He could go another couple of months in it, and probably will, but he is definitely growing. His 4 month pediatrician appointment is on the 13th and I am looking forward to seeing what his height and weight is. I weighed him about a week and a half ago and I think he was about 15 lbs then and coming in at about 26 inches tall. The limit on our carseat is 29 inches tall and 22 lbs. We're taking a road trip to Chicago in November to visit Paul's family for Thanksgiving and so we'll definitely need a new carseat by then. Anyways, so I started researching.

First of all, our budget is pretty much nonexistent. Second of all, there are 10,000 carseats out there to choose from! I am specifically looking for a convertible carseat, which narrows it down to 9,000 to choose from. I really want him rear-facing as long as possible. At least two years, anyways, so we need something with a pretty high rear facing weight limit and a decently high front facing weight limit because I REALLY don't want to go buy another seat too soon. Babycenter has a great carseats board, and I got a lot of great input from those moms. My point is, that I am LAZY. My idea of research is asking my husband to look stuff up. He hasn't been stellar at satisfying my curiosity when it comes to baby stuff, so I essentially asked these ladies to tell me what to do. Since Ryan is with his grandma all day (hi, mom!), he needs two carseats. See, with an infant seat, its easy...pop 'em in, and you're good to go. Convertibles aren't the kind that you just pop in, so we essentially need one for each car he'll be in. The search continues! We still have a little time.

Today, Ryan had his first bath in the sink. Who DIDN'T get a bath in the kitchen sink at some point in their life? We don't have a baby bath tub and the mesh seat we got at the shower isn't doing the trick anymore. It's called the Summer Infant Baby Bather by the way, and its pretty awesome. So instead of co-bathing again, I decided to try the sink. It was slippery, bubbly, and really really wet. I think I'll stick with putting on my swimsuit and jumping in the tub with him moving forward. When I was a kid, we had these bath seats that were just rings that the kid sat in. Do they make those anymore? I need one of those. I am still waiting to get my happy splashy bath time baby moment. Ryan still isn't keen on taking a bath. Today, he looked at me as if to say, "wtf, mom. Why are we in the kitchen?"

Well, its Sunday and lucky for both Paul and I, we have tomorrow off in observance of Labor Day. I can't help but feel like I've reached the end of a long race when September 1st comes. Summer in Texas is brutal and when it's FINALLY September, it feels like a huge relief. We've made it through another summer and fall is coming. I am very much looking forward to crisp air, wearing hoodies, changing leaves, and seeing my infant grow into a baby. By Thanksgiving, he'll be 6 months old. We're already over halfway there. It seems unreal. Time keeps going. I love fall, and I think this year will be made even more special by our beautiful son who will be experiencing his first fall. I hope he grows to love it as much as I do.

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