Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanks, Shutterfly

So a few weeks ago, I participated in a promotion sponsored by Shutterfly which resulted in me receiving 50 free Christmas cards. I was so excited when I got my orange box in the mail, stuffed full of my Christmas cards. I had gotten Ryan's 6 month pictures done and the photographer specially edited one so I could use it on my card. I was excited to get them. and for free!

Anyways, I got my orange box, excitedly opened it and looked at the cards. I was immensely disappointed. The image was the one I had uploaded but it wasn't very clear. I took them to work, kept them in my car for a few days, asked others' opinions, and had decided to just mail them out anyways. Then I got the idea to email Shutterfly and complain. I'm not one to send food back or return damaged clothes, so my hopes of hearing back from them were low.

I filled out their customer service form and politely explained that I was disappointed with the quality of the picture. Less than 24 hours later, I received an email back explaining what had happened, which was, in fact, my fault. Nonetheless, they credited my account for the full amount of the cost of the cards plus some for shipping. I now have my brand new cards (used the right resolution picture this time) and am sending them out tomorrow.

Basically, my point is that Shutterfly could have been all like, "dude this is your fault oh well" but they didn't. They were amazing and I would totally recommend them to anyone.

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