Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Plague Upon Our House

I mentioned last time that Ryan's eye looked puffy and that when we took him to the pediatrician, she said it was fine but he was a little congested.

Well, that congestion turned into a full blown cold. Ryan's first cold - 7 months old. One for the baby book (no, seriously, I wrote it in the book). This is how last week went:

Monday - Paul stays home from work sick. I am doubtful. Ryan's eye looks a little puffy.
Tuesday - I wake up feeling sick. Ryan's eye still looks puffy, so we go to the pediatrician. I stay home from work due to illness.
Wednesday - Paul and I both feel sick, both drag our asses to work. Ryan's congestion worsens.
Thursday - We have no idea what we're in for. Paul and I are feeling better and Ryan's congestion is manageable during the day. Nightfall comes and our sweet baby boy is replaced with a snot spewing demon who won't stop crying. Paul makes a late night run to CVS to buy the Little Noses kit and some baby Vicks. Neither of us sleeps more than 4 hours.
Friday - hopped up on caffeine and sugar, I make it through the work day despite being tired as hell. Armed with vicks on Ryan's feet, careful placement of the humidifier, and a bulb syringe, we all manage to sleep from 9 to 5 AM Saturday morning. Woo hoo! 8 hours!

Yesterday, Ryan seemed fine, so we went ahead and had my friend Kelli and her family over. Kelli and I have been friends for over 10 years, getting closer to 15 than 10. We're known to do things together. We both got married in the fall of 2007 and both were expecting our first babies in the summer of 2010. Kelli's son, Aiden, came early, and thus is only 3 weeks younger than Ryan. Had I not been induced, they very well could only be 2 weeks apart in age. We had a great time. Both babies were well behaved and played well together. I am very much looking forward to them growing up together. We decided not to exchange gifts with each other, but instead, the boys would exchange gifts. It gets too expensive to get a gift for everyone. Ryan got Aiden the Twilight Turtle Nightlight. Since he's such a planner, he bought it back in September! Aiden's room is done in turtles so Ryan knew it would match perfectly! Aiden gave Ryan a cool turtle that zips up. Inside are different colored soft balls. This is what it looks like. Ryan loves it!

We were so tired after Jonathan, Kelli and Aiden left that we went to bed very early. I made a pot of mac and cheese, took some Nyquil, and was asleep by 8:30. Paul also went to bed very early. He isn't feeling well today so he's resting while I get some housework done and Ryan is at my dad's. We arranged to have Ryan stay the night at my mom's tonight so hopefully both of us can get well rested and back to 100%!

Christmas is only 6 days away and I am very excited! We also got the insurance issues taken care of from our robbery while we were on vacation. I am glad to have that done, finally. The only thing left to do before Christmas is drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, and spend time with family!

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